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Vulch the Carrion Queen by Mikethemerciless
Vulch the Carrion Queen
Name: Cythia Featherbottom aka “Vulch the Carrion Queen”
Species: Turkey Vulture
Class: Bird
Known group affiliations: Current head of the Carrion Society
Bio: Vulch runs the Carrion Soiciety. A criminal organization that specialize in the illegal carrion meat trade. She provides certain services to the underworld of Geltempo. It someone needed to get rid of a body really fast then she would send a group of her birds in to take the body away from them for a certain price. The body would then be stored in one of her refrigerated warehouses through-out the city which are most commonly known as meat houses. Where they would stay until they were bught up by some of the more high society creatures in Geltempo who where growing bored with the taste of meat clones and thought that the taste of non cloned flesh would be different.
Marty’s Notes: Vulch runs her gang with an iron wing. She controls all of her subordinates through fear and intimidation. She makes very violent examples of those that displease her by sometime ripping their guts out in front of everyone. If she encounters you she will try her best to intimidate you. Do not show her any type of fear, or else she will pounce on that weakness instantly.
Mr. Toad by Mikethemerciless
Mr. Toad
Marty’s Profile no # 11

Name: Ricky Toad or “Mr. Toad”

Species: Toad

Class: Amphibian

Known Group Affiliations: Current boss of the Amphibian Mafia.

Bio: Became the leader of the Amphibian Mafia after his bother Sammy “Slips” Toad “accidentally” threw himself through the window at a penthouse birthday party he threw for himself. The Amphibian Mafia is mostly known for their supply of “Happy Juice” A popular narcotic distilled from the sweat off the backs of cane toads. These cane toads are smuggled out of their rainforest country where they can escape the tyrannical rule of the Mad Emporer Frogatolli and in return producing the required amount of sweat that the Amphibian Mafia then distills into “Happy Juice”.

Marty’s Notes: Gotta be careful around this guy. Most of the time he’s can be pretty level headed and reasonable, but he is known to have sudden violent outburst that seem to come out of nowhere. Make sure to keep one paw on your gun whenever the guy is in the room and be prepared for anything!
Marlon Golfox by Mikethemerciless
Marlon Golfox
Marty's Profile No 27
Name: Marlon Golfox
Speicies: Fox
Class: Mammal
Known Group Affiliations: Current head of the Golfox crime Family.
Bio: Marlon Golfox is the last surviving member of the Golfox Family after his brother Richard Golfox was slain five years ago in a failed attempt to ambush a warehouse in order to try to impress his father during the big gang war the Golfox Family had with the Amphibian Mafia. Then more recently his parents, Charles and Margret Golfox, were killed in one of the terrorist attacks directed by the Church of Tyranno, leaving the control of the Golfox family to fall to their last surviving son, Marlon.
Marty Notes: This guy’s got a really short fuse. He’s lialble to blow his top if you so much as look at him the wrong way. Last I heard the he’s gunning to take down Mr. Toad so he can avenge his brother. Lets just hope I don’t wind up getting involved in this.
(These series of events take place ten years before the event of The Advventures of Marty Mask.)
Anya knocked the doors to the interrogation room with purpose. She was determined to see this criminal degenerate filth behind bars. She sat down at the table and glared at the well dressed toad in a nice black suit, black tie and fedora. The toad smirk back, a look which enraged the dog even further.
“Ya know, I’m findin’ dis whole thing ta be just a little bit insensitive! I mean I just lost my brother, my one and only brother and you doggies drag me down here. I mean for cryin’ out loud, can’t a guy have some time ta morn around heya?! You can bet your furry rear end da chief of police iz gonna be hearing some words from me about dis!” He said.
Yeah right, I’ll bet you’re in morning.” Anya snarled back.
She slammed a piece of paper down on the table containing his account of the events of last night.
“So Mr. Ricky Toad, let me get this straight, you’re saying your brother Slip Toad got drunk on too much wine at his birthday party at his penthouse apartment at Loveheart Towers. In his intoxicated stupor he began to think that he was some kind of hawk, and threw himself through the window and fell to his death.”
“Yeah dat sounds about right, I tried ta stop him, I wuz like no Slip! Don’t do it, Ya ain’t no bird! But he never did listen ta me, bless his soul. Oh geez poor ol’ Slip! Why didja hafta do it, why!”
“BULLCRAP!!!” Anya shouted at the toad slamming her paws down on the table. “I don’t care how drunk you are! You still retain some sense of self-preservation! You don’t just throw yourself out a fifty story building unless you’re suicidal or something!”
“Ya know what? I think ya might be onta sometin’ detective. Slip has been lookin a little down and depressed dese past few days, maybe he just decided ta end, it all ya know?”
“But you just said he thought he was a bird!”
“Well I just think that could have play a little part in it ya know, maybe deep down he rreally wanted ta die or something like that. It’s all just a theory.”
“Just a theory huh?” Anya growled. “Well that interesting now I have a little theory of my own, you want to hear it? My theory is that Slip didn’t go through that window on his own accord. I think that Slip might have been thrown out of the window. Now let’s not play stupid and try to pretend that Slip wasn’t running a criminal empire. He’s the main supplier of the drug called ‘Happy Juice’ in Geltempo City. I’ve been on his trail for months now trying to bring him in. Now who would be the next to take over his criminal empire if he were to suddenly die? Why it would be no one else but his very own brother! Long story short, you stand a lot to gain from his death!”
“Ok Miss Detective I don’t know what dis ‘criminal empire’ or dis ‘Happy Juice’ ya talkin’ about but it sounds like yiz insultin’ my family reputation and acussin’ me of murderin’ my own brother after I’ve been bein’ nuthin’ but cooperative wid you doggies!  Now I’ll have ya know dat dere were at least twenty other creatures at dis party and alla dem saw poor ol’ Slip throw himself out da window and will testify ta dat fact. You ain’t got nothin’ on me! Ya hear, nothin! I’m really startin ta get kinda offended here I just lost my brother, I wuz tryin’ to set up his funeral arrangements and now I gotta deal wid dis crap?! ”
Suddenly The chief of police Jonas Cranjaw entered the interrogation room. “You’re free to go Mr. Toad.”
“Wait what?!!” Anya shouted indignantly.
“I said he’s free to go, we just got done interviewing all the party guest they all confirmed his story.”
Mr Toad stood up. “Well thanks a lot cheify! Glad ta see someone at dis station is competent, ya know dis dog wuz tryin’ ta say dat my dear dead brother was some kinda criminal and dat I murdered him? I wuz just about ta pick out da flower for his funeral and den she busts in da flower shop and  drags me down to da station where I gotta deal wid dis crap. I gotta say I a little bit surprised in how lacking ya officers are in da tactfulness department!”
“I apologize for any inconvenience we may have cause. She was just simply doing her job and pursuing all possible leads. But as of now, the case is officially closed.”
Anya began to protest. “But Sir I-“
“I said the case is now closed Officer Jenkins!” Chief Crajaw snapped firmly.
Mr.Toad shugged. “Well da case iz closed, dat’s dat!” He walk past Crankjaw out of the room. “Gimmie a call if ya need anything else, I do my best ta  cooperate. Just so long as I don’t have ta deal wid her again!”  And with that Mr. Toad left the room leaving Anya seething in her seat. He could almost feel her glaring at his back. The dog promised herself that one day she would catch that amphibian and wipe that smug look off his face once and for all.
It was nighttime as Mr. Toad’s car pulled up outside an old abandoned lookin building. It was an old Ice cream parlor that looked like it had been shut down ages ago. This was the secret meeting pace that the amphibian mafia used when discussing business. Mr. Toad climbed out of his car lighting the cigar in his mouth and pounded on the dusty boarded up front door.
The door open a crack restrained from opening any wider by a chain on the handle.
“What da heck do you want?!” A voice shouted from inside
“C’mon Paulie its me!”
“Yaa know I can’t letcha in until ya say it Ricky!”
“Fine! Its da building inspector, I’m here ta check for termites, now lemme in already.”
The chains latetered as the speaker inside undid them.
The door was opened revealing a bright green tree frog in a neat shirt and tie with a pistol holstered on his belt. It was Paulie, Mr. Toad’s best friend since tadpolehood and the only creature he allowed to get away with calling him by his first name.
“Geez Paulie, haven’t ya been knowin’ me long enough ta recognize me by now?!”
“Ain’t no such thing as bein’ to careful Ricky, specially wid dem dog getin’ craftier nowadays. Dey could be sendin some undacover look a like or somethin’!”
“When da heck have ya eva heard of dat happen’? Could dey even find a guy dat look like me enough ta pull it off?”
“I dunno but its betta to be safe den sorry.” Paulie responded.
“Whateva, iz everybody in dere?”
“Yup, we’z all waitin’ on you. In da back.” Paulie sad motioning to the kitchen door.
“Aw geez.” Mr. Toad murmered to himself. He took a deep breath.
Paulie sensed his uneasiness and laughed. “Ha ha ha. Don’t tell me da big bad Ricky Toad iz nervous!”
“Yeah keep on laughin’ Palulie. Ima make ya swallow dis lit cigar if ya keep it up!”
“Ha, ha too late ta act all tough now! You sweatin’ and shakin’ more den when dat dog collared ya in da flower shop!”
Mr Toad sighed, “Dat wuz a situation I knew I could handle! Dis iz da first time I’m gonna be adressin’ da gang as da boss. I’m just hopin’ I don’t screw dis up!”
“Relax Ricky, ya got  dis! We would’ve all agreed ta whack Slip if we didn’t think ya had what it takes. Now get in dere we’s all waitin’ on ya orders!”
Mr. Toad grinned. “Ha you’re right! Well lets not keep them waitin’.”  He straightened up his tie and strode into the kitchen. The kitchen had been converted into a secret meeting room with a long conference table in the middle of it. About elven amphibians sat at the table, a mixed assortment of Toads, frogs, newts and one salamander. They sat at the table talking amongst themselves. The all strained up as Mr. Toad entered the room.
“Evening! I’m here guys! Hope I didn’t keep you ladies waitn’ to long!”
A frog and a salamander, both eager to make a lasting impression on the new boss both got up at one.
“Here boss, let me get dat chair for ya!” The salamander said scrambling to get out of his own chair.
The frog had gotten up at the same time and tried to push the salamander back down “Siddown Louie, I can get a chair for da boss!”
Louie angrily pushed back at the frog. “I said I’ll get da chair before you did Phil, so I’m gonna get da boss da chair. Now get outta my face before I make you need a chair yourself, a wheelchairr.”
“Hey knuckleheads!” Mr Toad shouted, “I can get my own chair, now both of ya siddown and quit wastin’ everyone’s time whith ya yammerin’.”
Phil and Louie both sat back down as Mr. Toad pulled out his own chair and stat in it. A crystal bowl of honeyed wingless horseflies, Mr. Toad favorite snack sat there, on the table. He took one out of the bowl and tossed it inside his mouth.
“Alright so as you guys know we all kinda had a little dissatisfaction with how Slip was running things! Da funds for da Amphibian Mafia have been slowly dwindling,’ for some time its been pretty obvious dat sellin’ Happy Juice, just ain’t cutting’ it. And well unfortunately Slip wuz refusin’ ta recognize da predicament we wuz in. Me an Paulie here wux tryin’ our best ta talk some sense into da guy but he just refused ta see reason. He wouldn’t do anything ta expand da business and he refuse ta step down.
“Dis wasn’t an easy call ta make, believe my, he wuz my brother, but it became clear dat he had ta go and when y gotta go you just gotta go!
“So now I’m gonna be callin da shot from here on out and da first order of business iz ta start branchin’ out because it pretty obvious dat da dough we’s makin’ off da Happy Juice aint enough!”
“Why don’t we just rob a bank or somethin’” A random salamander asked sitting across from him at the table.
“Yeah dat’s a great idea Vinny let’s just rob da bank! Dat certainly ain’t gonna start bringin’ da heat up our butts. I already got one dog detective with a grudge wid me. Why don’tcha shuddap and take some time out ta think before ya say something stupid again.” Mr. Toad responded. “And besides I though we’ve grown past dat. Bank robbin’ iz what broke petty drug addict strung out on da Happy Juice do. We’re a professional business here. So I say what we need ta do iz expand. Startin today we’z gonna start sellin dese!”
He put a handgun on the table from his coat on the table.
“Whoa so you mean we gonna be doin’ weapons now?” Louie asked
“Yeah, I’ve been doin’ some investigatin’ and it turns out dere’s a big market for unregister guns and stuff. So I say why don’t we break off a piece of da pie.”
“What!!? Are you nuts or somethin’ we can’t do dat. Everyone know the Charles Golfox runs da weapon racquet in dis city, It we star sellin’ guns on his turf, he’s gonna massacre us!!” Vinny shouted springing out of his chair.
Mr. Toad pick up the gun up off the table and shot it, hitting Vinny in the arm. The salamander went down with a scream.
“No let me make on thig clear here boys, I may be new to dis whole boss thing,” Mr. toad said placing the gun back on the table. “But if dere’s one thing I ain’t gonna be toleratin’ and dat’s disrespect. I gotta reputation to keep now. So yah see I can’t really letcha get away wid insultin me like dat. Next time Imma aim for da head! Da Golfoxes don’t own dis city! If dem foxes can’t deal wid a little friendly competition den I’ll be more den happy ta feed alla dem to da carrion society! Now before we move on, is dere anyone else who has issues wid my little business venture?” The whole room was silent save for Vinny’s whimpering on the floor.
“Fantastic, Paulie, do me a favor and get dat map of Geltempo. Now I’ve already made a deal wid dat penguin, Don Polo, da weapons dealer in Antarctica, he gonna sell us da hareware wholesale so den we can distribute dem throughout da city. Nao I’ve marked out all da blocks on da map where we’s gonna be setin’ up shop at.  Oh yeah and somebody better call da doctor for Vinny I guess before he bleeds out or sometin’.”

It was morning time at the Golfox Manor and the wealthy family of bright red foxes, The Golfox family were enjoying their usual breakfast of tea and chicken biscuits.
“Oh yes Charles dear! I’ll be using the car, I’ll be doing some shoe shopping today and I simply cannot be seen without getting my fur waxed!” Margret exclaimed as she sipped her tea.
Charles didn’t look up from his open newspaper as he spoke. “Well you’re going to be having to take the hover limo today Darling. I’ll be needing the car, I have some business maters to attend to.”
“Father!” A young adolescent puppy at the table, Richard Golfox, piped up. “I want to come too! I want to help with the business.”
Margret scowled at her pup. “Absolutely not! You’re far too young for that sort of thing! Why just the thought!”
“But Mum! I been practicing at the firing range every day! I’ve gotten to be pretty good with a gun!” Richard protested.
“Charles!” Margret flashed a look at her husband that clearly indicated she expected him to support her in reprimanding their son.
Charles sighed. “Your mother is right son, you’re simply too young for this. Just focus on you school work and take good care of your brother for now. Perhaps when you’re older I shall teach you the ways of our business.” He patted Richard on the head.
“You always keep saying that!” Richard grumbled under his breath sulking back down into his chair
Margret turned to the youngest member of the Golfox family. “Marlon dearie you getting milk all over your snout!”
She leaned over to wipe the small fuzzy fox pup’s mouth with a hankerchief. “Do try to slow down, you food isn’t going to go anywhere!”
“I’m sorry mummy!” Marlon replied. “I just can’t wait to go to school! We’re going to be making paw paintings today!”
“That sounds lovely dear!” Margret replied. “Make sure you stay on your best behavior at school okay? If you do, I’ll have the nanny take you out for ice cream.”
“Yay! Ice cream!”
“Don’t shout at the table dear.”
Charles glanced at his watch. “Oh dear!” He exclaimed. “I didn’t realize it was this late in the morning, I must be going!” He hastily put his newspaper and folded it on the table and then quickly drank up the remaining tea in his cup, afterwards carefully dabbing his mouth with a handkerchief. He then got up from the table and grabbed his overcoat.
“Bye bye, daddy!” Marlon called waving his tiny paw at him. “Have a nice day at work!”
“Thank, you too little tyke!” Charles responded with a grin. “Make sure you have plenty of fun at school Okay?”
“Drive safely dear!” Margret called. “And do try not to get any bloodstains on that nice coat of yours this time! The maid had a positively dreadful time washing it the last time!”
“Righty-o darling I’ll try to be careful this time!” Charles responded before leaving out the dining hall.
Charles then made his way to the Golfox family garage. It was a fairly large area containing a long black hover limo and a bright red shiny car. Bothe vehicles bore the Golfox Family crest on the hood, a golden ring with the letter G inside. He pressed a button on his keys and the door to the red car slide vertically open.
He climbed in the car and then open up the glove compartment which contained a pistol and a box of cigars. He tucked the pistol into his coat pocket and took a cigar out of the box and lit it. As he was turning on the engine he heard a soft tapping at the window. He rolled down the window.  It was his eldest son Richard
“Richard aren’t you supposed to be getting ready for school now? Your mother’s going to be absolutely livid if you don’t put on your uniform soon!”
“Please dad!” Richard begged. “Let me come with you! Mum doesn’t have to know about it! I’ll do whatever you say, I promise!”
Charles sighed. “Now see here Richard! I am very pleased that you are showing so much interest in the family business. I think you will be a very valuable asset to the family later on but for now you are just simply far too young and inexperienced for this sort of work! When I feel you are old enough I will start teaching you the ins and outs of the family business, but for now just focus on your schoolwork.”
“But Dad its not fair! I’m not inexperience I’ve been practicing my-“
“I said no Richard and that’s final! Now go get out of here and get dressed for school!”
Richard scowled and turned around and sulked back into the house. Charles the pressed a button opening up the garadge door, backed out and started driving towards downtown Geltempo.
Charles pulled outside a seemingly innocent business on the bustling streets. “Golffox’s Coat Rack quality tailor made suits for any occasion.” the sign read in a fancy font. It was a small store with no windows, only five racks full of suit coats and pants were on the inside. A weasel sat on a stool behind the counter  “Good morning Weezewald!” Charles greeted the weasel behind the counter.
“Good moring Mr. Golfox sir, everyone is waiting for you in the back.” The weasel replied standing up and nodding his head. Charles made his way through the racks of coats and into a small changing room in the back. He faced the full sized mirror in the room and gripping it at the side, he swung it open like a door revealing a secret door inside.
A badger, a brown wood chuck, and a rat, all wearing long dress coats were waiting for him in a small dark room lit only by a single light bulb. A brown ferret was lying face down on the floor with his paws tied behind his back. “Is this our would be thief?”
“Yeah!” The badger replied. “He tried to hold up Weezewald with a gun, tried to get him to clear out the register. Weezewald signaled me and I snuck up behind and gave him a good whack with my billy club. We’ve been keeping him here all night until you were ready to see him.” He slapped his Billy club into his paws.
Charles shook his head. “Tsk tsk, you poor creature, you simply picked the wrong business to rob, if you had picked any other store I think you no doubt would have fared much better.” He grabbed the ferret by a tuff of fur on top of his head, Picking his head off the ground revealing his bloodied face. “Unfortunately for you tailoring is not really what we do here. The whole thing is just a front for our real business. And that’s buying and selling of unregistered weapons! See. I’m Charles Golfox and I run things in this part of the city!”
“Look I’m just trying to get some cash! I’m not trying to mess with nobody, I just thought I was knocking over some regular store, honest! Look just let me go and I swear I won’t tell anyone anything!” The ferret pleaded.
Golfox slapped him hard in the face with the back of his paw, knocking the ferret down on his side.  
“Please, kindly don’t interrupt me while I am speaking. Honestly your mother did teach you about politeness and common courtesy didn’t she?”
The ferret was silent.
“So as I was saying, it is the manner of my business which brings us to the issue at hand.” Golfox walked over to a small table and retrieved a brown paper bag. Turning the bag upside down he emptied the gun out in front of the ferrets. “You see the only reason you are still breathing right now, is because I am curious about this! This is the gun that you pulled on Mr. Weezewald is it not?”
The ferret coughed a little “Y-yeah? What about it? I said I’m sorry!”
“Well you see, here’s the thing. I control the weapons business in this whole city. That means that a two bit lowlife hoodlum such as yourself would most likely be purchasing it from one of my operatives. However, that seems to not be the case. You see, I like to leave a little emblem emblazoned on every weapon I sell, just to let everyone know a Golfox quality weapon when they see it. So I put a very small letter ‘G’ on the hilt of all of my guns. Your weapon however does not appear to have my logo, meaning you did not purchase it from me. Now normally I wouldn’t think much of it. But lately my business has been running a little slow as of late, not as many creatures have been buying guns from me however creatures are still obtaining weapons from somewhere and shooting each other in the streets as usual. So that can only mean one thing. Someone is selling guns on my turf.”
“Look I don’t know nothin’ about no gun sellin’, turf or nothin’ I was just buyin’ a gun.”
Charles shook his head softly. “No, you’re not understanding me. I already know a mere simpleton such as yourself couldn’t possibly be involved in such an organization. The only thing I need out of you is where did you purchase this weapon from.”
“If-if I tell ya where I bought it from, you’ll let me go right?”
“But of course. I realize that you were ignorant to the true nature of this store when you attempted to rob it.  My quarrel is with the ones who would challenge my authority over my territory, not you. Just tell me what I need to know and you’re free to leave.”
“Do ya promise? You’ll untie me and let me go?”
“I swear on my mother’s life, once you tell me what I want to know I will release you.”
“. . . Okay, so I got this number from a friend of mine of a new guy that was sellin’ heaters for really cheap. So I called the number and the guy on the other side said to meet him at a bench in Brer Rabbit Park with the money. So I go down to the park and there’s a guy on the bench, I gave him the money and he  gave me my heater in a bag.”
Golfox nodded. “And this gentlebeast you did business with in the park, what was his species and what did he look like?”
“Umm I think he was some kinda bright green frog, wore a white shirt and tie.”
“And that is all you can tell me about them?” Charles asked.
“That’s all I had to do with them I swear! Now please let me go!!”
“Very well.” He nodded to the badger. “Release him Barret!”
Brandishing a small switchblade Barret sawed through the binding restricting the ferrets wrists. As soon as he was free the ferret scrambled to his feet and ran through the room and towards the door. As he passed by Charles the fox pulled a pistol out of the lapel of his jacket. He then fired it shooting the ferret in the back as he passed through the doorway. He fell to the floor with a cry. Charles walked up to the injured ferret as he bled on the floor.
“B-but you said . . . “ The ferret coughed up blood.
“I said I would release you. I never promised however that there would be no punishment however for you trying to rob my business and trying to hold up on of my trusted associates at gunpoint” He fired his gun again this time hitting the weasel in the head.
He frowned as he inspected a speck of blood on his coat sleeve. “Oh dear, Margret will be cross with me tonight. I did promise her that I’d keep this suit clean!” He dabbed at the stain with a handkerchief but he failed to completely remove the red from his sleeve. “Oh well, Weezewald, would you kindly phone the carrion society and ask them to to come and dispose of this trash please?”
“Right away sir.” The weasel at the front desk responded picking up the phone.
Golfox pocketed the gun and returned back into his secret room.
“So.” He said addressing the other creatures in the room. “We have a green frog fellow in a white shirt in tie. Anyone have an idea who this chap might be?”
“I think might know who it is sir!” The wood chuck said.
“Well speak up then! Who is he?”
“Well if I’m not mistaken sir, that sounds like it might be Paulie! He’s a tree frog. I believe he is an associate of the amphibian mafia.”
Charless put a paw to his chin. “Hmm thee amphibian Mafia eh? I thought they would already know better than to mess around with me! They’ve been smart enough not to try to challenge my turf fo awhile, I wonder what behind this sudden spike in boldness?”
“Well I heard that they sort of umm . . . ‘removed’ their current leader Slip. His brother Ricky Toad is running the show now.”
“Hmm I see.” Charles responded thoughtfully “So I guess Ricky doesn’t hold a much respect for my territory then. That makes sense. Well then I guess we’ll just have to teach this fellow a few lessons about how thing operate in this city.”
Ch 13 To fight a God
Marty strode out in the middle aisle standing in front of Tyranno. “Well I guess that would be me.” He said.
“Yeah I’ve seen this ‘power’ of yours.” Marty said doing an air quotation with his paws. “And let’s just say I don’t think you’re all you’re cracked up to be.”
“Hmm,” Marty responded as his gazed went up to the ceiling. “You sure do like hearing the sound of you own vo-“
Before he completed his taunt he jumped out the way as a lightning bolt struck the carpet right where he was standing.
“What the manner?” Marty taunted. “Is the lord of reptiles having a little trouble hitting a lowly mammal? Sounds like you need some godly glasses!”
Another lightning bolt was hurled at him. Marty again jumped out the way, he fired his gun but instead of aiming at Tyranno he started firing up in the ceiling where the lightning bolt had just came down from. Suddenly on his fifth shot a huge object as big as Marty himself came crashing down from the ceiling. As it collided loudly with the floor it became easier to make out what the object was, it was a large metal coil with a length of wire wrapped around it. “Ah so that’s how it worked!” Marty said.
“STOP HIM! CROCCO COME AND KILL THIS RACCOON NOW!!!” Anya noted that a hint of panic was beginning to creep into his voice.
“Now waitaminute.” Marty said. “What happened to killing me yourself? What the matter? Lightening bolt on the fritz?” He tapped the coil with his foot. Crocco  ran up to Marty and grabbed him by the ankle.
Marty tried to shoot at Crocco but the crocodile grabbed his gun paw and squeezed it until he was forced to drop the gun. Marty then tried to swing inwards and bite Crocco. But Crocco stopped him, grabbing him by the neck. He then flipped the raccoon over and held him up high in the air attempting to squeeze the life out of his neck.
Gagging for breath, Marty reached inside his trench coat and pulled out a grenade. Crocco saw this and tried to snatch the grenade away from his paws but his reaction was too late. Marty very quickly yanked the pin out with his teeth and lobbed the grenade directly at Tyranno’s open maw. Time seem to stop as everybody watched the grenade arch gracefully into the mouth. It made a clank noise against the back of the skull. Then it exploded.
There was a loud earsplitting sound of screeching, tearing metal and then the head came crashing down. It thudded loudly as it crashed against the carpeted floor. Crocco released Marty’s neck in shock, dropping the raccoon to the floor. Exposed ripped wires now stuck out the neck and the bottom of the head buzzing and crackling with electricity. Everybody stood there for a good minute attempting to processes what had just happened.  
Mr. Toad was the first to speak. “Alright, alright. Marty, so obviously ya got a better idea about what da heck is goin’ on here den da rest of us, so why doncha go on ahead and clue us on in.”

Marty picked himself up off the ground rubbing his neck, he brushed his coat off. “Sure certainly I was just getting ready to do that.” He search in his pocket for a cigarette. “You see Mr. ‘Lord of all Reptiles’ over here is actually an animatronic from the unreleased horror movie, ‘Night of the Living Fossil’.  Its most likely being controlled from somewhere nearby.”
“But the lightening, the voice . . .How?” Crocco murmured.  Marty motioned to the coil laying on the floor.  “That your lightning bolt right there. This coil is moved around by some mechanism on the ceiling, that’s probably what the fog was for, to cover it up. So when ever Tyranno decided to demonstrate his ‘godly power’, this coil drops down that had a lethal current of electricity running through it. So whatever poor sap gets hit by this would get promptly fried. Now we are dealing with people in the movie business here, so I’m guessing that they’ve installed some sort of sound system on the ceiling. Tyranno is probably being voiced by whoever’s controlling it.
“And dat creature is da guy behind alla dis?” Mr Toad.
“Yes I’d say so. “
“So why don’t you quit jerking us around and tell us who the blighter is!!” Marlon snapped.
“I’m getting to that okay? ‘Night of the Living Fossil’ was produced by the Fluff network studios. That movie was funded and produced by none other that Craig Boulder, ya see its my guess that after Mr. Boulder lost to Geraldo Spike in the Mayoral election last year,  he decided if he couldn’t run this city one way, he would run it the other way, through the underworld. But Mr. Boulder was one ambitious turtle. He wasn’t satisfied with running just one part of the underworld, he wanted it all, gun running, narcotics, carrion, protection rackets, the whole shebang.
“The only way to achieve this goal however was only if he was to eliminate all his potential competitors, that meant getting rid of all the other crime bosses in the city and the offering their all of their guys a job working for him. Of course there was no way in the world he could take all of those guys himself, nope he needed an army creatures who were willing to do anything he said, even if that meant giving up there live, in other words he needed an army of suckers.
“That’s when he had the bright idea of using the popular reptile god, Tyranno. If he could convince people that his wishes were actually Tyranno’s bidding, he could get them to do whatever he wished. So that’s when he bought this here old theater and turned it into a church for Tyranno. That when he started to collaborate with a certain Zenny Scales. Being a famous special effects expert. Mr. Scales was the most perfect partner Mr. Boulder could have in setting up this illusion.
“But Mr. Boulder didn’t entirely trust Mr. Scales so he secretly planted a camera in Mr. Scale’s office to better keep tabs on what the lizard was up to. That was when he witnessed Mr. Batty Nocturne breaking into Mr. Scale’s office and planting evidence in there that latter got hhim in trouble with thee Carrion Queen which ultimately ended up getting him killed. Crocco saw an opportunity in this where he could use the situation to his advantage. First he had the priest prophesize to his followers that he in a display of power, Tyranno would execute Batty Nocturne by having the bat take his life with his own paws. Then he sent the video footage to Batty along with a blackmail letter telling him to fake his death on TV and then leave the country or else he would send a copy of the video to the Carrion Queen.
“Batty had no choice but to comply with the instructions on the blackmail letter had laid out. So he bought a prop gun preparing to do the deed. But unbeknownst to him, on the night of the show his fake prop gun was replace with an actual real gun. So Batty ended up unwittingly committing suicide on live television thus fulfilling what was prophhisised. That’s how he was able to gain the loyalty of so many of his followers. And so after that Mr.  boulder was able to get two more to blow themselves up.”
“So you mean tis whole time . . . It was all a fake?” Crocco said.
“Yeah, sorry but you’ve all been taken for a ride.”
“Alright so I guess da next question is where do we find dis bastard.” Mr. Toad asked.
“I think I know where he is.” Crocco spat. He marched over to the little door at the side of the room that Craig Bolder had disappeared in before the service had started. He kicked the door three time before it fell down off its hinges.
Marlon and Mr. Toad had walked up so they could get a better look at what was going on as their gang held the rest of the reptiles, who had lost their will to fight, down with guns pointed at them.
Behind the door was a tiny room with a desk protruding from the wall that was filled with all manner of buttons and levers. On the wall was a giant flat screen TV that was slit up into four parts displaying different viewing angles of the sanctuary. A large boom microphone hung from the ceiling.
“So this is where all the magic happens.“  Marty commented as he entered the small room.”
“Where Boulder?” Marlon demanded to know. “It’s time to teach that phony what an inferior species really is!”
Crocco looked around the room the he threw the chair that was in front of the desk aside to reveal Craig Boulder. The arms and pants of his nice suit draped down around his shell as he had retracted both his arm, legs and head inside of his shell.
Crocco grabbed the shell with both hand, ripping the suite off. He began slamming the shell hard against the wall. “Come on out you coward, come out you fraud. The game is up!!”
Finally Craig boulder’s dazed looking head came out from under the shell. “I- had to do what had  to what had to be done..” He murmured.
“And what was that? Lie to our faces? Have us kill ourselves? I was willing to kill for you!!”
“I-I still had my reptile brethren’s best interest in mind! I wanted tou mke the city a better place for reptiles, that’s why I was trying to take out all the inferior species that held power in this city! So then us reptiles can run the city.”
“Oh yeah? So what about the Elixir of the Dinos?” Crocco reach in his coat and pulled out a syringe filled with pinkish liquid. “You were gonna give one of these to each of us, you said we were to inject ourselves with it When Tyranno brings reptile paradise to earth! It was supposed to help us transform into our new dinosaur bodies!”
“Ah, I was wondering how you were planning on disposing of these guys once you had everyone you needed bumped off.” Marty remarked.
“Okay, okay, fine you got me.” Craig boulder replied. “You should also know something thought, He pulled a matching syringe from the shreds of his own suit and plunged it into Crocco’s arm. ”I always keep a spare on me, just in case!”
“Nooo!! Crocco dropped Craig to the floor and began desperately trying to bite of the chunk of arm where he had been injected at. But the “Elixir of the Dinos” was already working its way through his bloodstream. He stumbled around the room as he began to feel himself going blind, and his feet going numb. Then he fell down to the floor, dead, with foam gushing from his mouth.
Craig Boulder stood up to find both Mr. Toad and Marlon Golfox both pointing their guns at him. “N-ow c-come on good gentlebeats, I-I got lots of money!! Lots of it! I-I can pay you guys real good! A-all you got to do is just let me get out of here alive, that all I ask for!” He pleaded.
Golfox shook his head. “You must be mad if you think I’m going to let you walk out of here after you MURDERED MY PARENTS!”
He turned to Mr. Toad. “What about you Mr. Toad, you’re a reasonable creature aren’t you? Just let me go! You can name your price. Im the president of Fluff Network, I can get you anything.”
“Please Mista Boulder stop embarrassing yaself, will ya!” Mr Toad replied. “Jest try ta die with a shred of dignity left in ya so dey can at least have one nice thing ta put in da obituary.”
Craig Boulder scanned the room desperately for someone else that might be able to help him. Then saw Anya
“You!” He exclaimed turning to Anya. “You’re a police dog! You have to protect me! That’s your job  right?”
Anya just looked at him for a minute, then she raised her gun and fired. His shell cracked loudly as the bullet went through it. Craig stumbled for a minute and then fell down, dead on the ground.
“That was for Grover.” She said in a soft voice. Everyone, even Marty, looked shocked by her actions.
“Bloody hell! That was supposed to be my kill!” Marlon exclaimed.
“Well I don’t know about you guys,” Mr. Toad said reloading his mchine gun. “But I’m about to whack somebody tonight.”
He walked up to the microphone and spoke into it. “IS DIS THING STILL ON?” Now his voice was projected throughout the sanctuary just like Craig’s was when he was posing as Tyranno.
The whole sanctuary was filled with gunfire as the two gangs executed all of the reptiles iin the room. Some tried to run and some tried to raise their own weapons to fight back, but most of them reacted too slowly and was shot down before they could move.
Mr. Toad turned around and pointed his gun at Anya. “Step away from da dog Mista Mask, she’s gotta go to.”
“Wait, wait, now hold on a second,” Marty protested. “Why do you gotta kill her?”
“I’m sorry about dis Marty, I really am, I heard she’s like you friend or somethin’ but I’m just not comfortable wid letting a dog jest walk after seein’ my guys ice alla dem creatures like dat. Ta put it simply her bein’ alive is gonna be bad for business!”
Anya drew her own gun and pointed it back at Mr. Toad. “Go on ahead and try it criminal!”
Golfox drew his own weapon. “Do you think you can hit both of us at once doggy? I’m not too keen on going to jail either.”
“I’ll take as many of you criminal scum with me as I can!”
“Guys, guys please!” Marty shouted. “Geez, is shooting the only way people know how to solve problems around here?”
“Well I guess dere ain’t no harm in listening, what’s your idea?”
“Okay, Anya just wanna let you know I really sorry about what I’m about to do but it’s the only way.” Marty whispered to the dog.
“Huh?” Anya said confused.
“Okay so we all just saw shoot an unarmed creature in the head right. Everyone here, including me are witnesses to that right? So now you guys have something you can blackmail her with right? Now with this she can’t ever come after you guys ever again!”
Ayna looked with shock in her eyes at Marty. “What?!”
“Sorry but this is the best idea I can think of keeping you alive right now!!!”
Mr. Toad and Marlon held their guns pointed at Anya as they considered Marty’s proposition.
“I dunno,” Marlon said. “She doesn’t look like the type to just let us go.”
“Yeah!” Mr Toad agreed. “How about dis, I do think she will keep her word so what if we heard in from her own mouth. Den I’d be satisfied. What do ya say doggy?”
Anya didn’t say anything. She continued to hold her gun steady.
“C’mon Anya” Marty pleaded. “Work with me here! Ain’t no way you going to be able to shoot through all of these guys by yourself.”
Anya still didn’t respond. “Oh please can we just get on with it?!” Marlon said impatiently.  “She obviously just wants to die. Just get out the way so we can grant her wish already!”
“C’mon, Anya you can’t die tonight!” Marty said urgently. “Gelltempo City needs you! Your like on of the few decent dogs left on the police force that actually give a crap about their job! Who gonna clean up the streets if you die? The crimiinals are gonna have a field day!”
Anya considered what Marty said, then finally she lowered her gun. “Okay, I didn’t see anything here.”
Mr. Toad lowered his gun. “Well, dats enough for me, what about you Golfox?”
Marlon sighed and lowered his pistol as well. “I guess so, was kind of looking forward to plugging a dog, but oh well, I’ll get my chance another time.”
“Well its time ta light dis place up!”
“Yeah you’re right.” Golfox turned around and step outside the room. “Go on ahead and break out the gasoline guys! It’s time to burn this looney bin to the ground!” He shouted to his subordinates. He turned to Marty and Anya. “You blokes may want to clear out of here, it’s gonna get mighty toasty inhere really fast.”  
Marty and Anya made there way outside the church as Mr. Toad and Marlon’s gang began drenching everything in gasoline.
David was standing outside at the door as thy exited. “You guys okay?” He asked “I heard this really loud voice in there, what was that?”
“I’ll explain everything later. We gotta get away from this building!”
They moved across the street from the church.
Mr. Toad, Marlon and the rest of their gangs came out of the  church which now had a billowing cloud of smoke coming from it.
“You do realize I can’t ever come after those two for anything from here on out right?” Anya said. “They can do whatever they want now.”
Marty shrugged. “Like I said it was the only way. Those guys aren’t the only criminals in the city. You got plenty of guys running around the place that are tons worse than these guys.”  
“Are they burning the place down?” David asked as flames began licking out the window.
“Yep,” Marty said. “I think we can safely say tht this is the end of the church of Tyranno. “
Siren began to sound in the distance. “Well looks like we better hightail it out of here.” Marty said.
“You guys can go.” Anya said. “I am still the detective assigned to this case, I have to give a report.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell them everything, but this bombing case needs to be closed.”
As everyone quickly made their way out of the church, Mr Toad remain at the entrances. Pulling out a book of matches he struck one. He took one last look at the broken animatronic with its head lying on the floor. “Rest in pieces Mista Tyranno.” He murmured. He then lit a cigar in his mouth and then tossed the flaming match onto the gasoline soaked floor. He watched the flames began to spread for a few moments and then he turned around and left.
He left the building and stood a good distance from the church and stood there watching it burn He was joined by  Golfox.
“Well I guess dats da end of dat! In all da year of me bein’ in da business I can’t say I’ve ever seen any crazy stuff like dis before! Cigar.”
Marlon slapped the cigar out of his hand.
“Hey what’s da big idea ya big palooka, ya know how much dough dese thing cost?” Mr. Toad agrily bbsnapped, picking up the cigar.
“So are we suppose to be bloody chums now?” Marlon snapped angrily, “We team up to shoot a few nutters together and now we’re off to the bloody pub for a pint? Is that how this is suppose to work? Maybe you did’t kill my parents, but I still haven’t forgotten about how you killed my brother you slimy bastard!”
“Oh please.  Gimmie a break will ya? He came at me! Alright. Drove up to my warehouse! What was I suppose to do? Jest roll out da red carpet for him?”
“You mailed his severed head right to my parents doorstep. My mum was the first opened the box you know, she had to see her own son’s bloody head!”
“Oh well I apologize for dat, dat was mean for Charles ta see, not da lady, but ya gotta unda stand we were at war at da time. I was jest tryin’ ta send him an effective message.”
“Oh yeah, well I got a bloody message of my own to send to you! You can talk all tough but I know ou lost a lot of your people in that explosion at the casino! You arern’t as powerful as you used to be! I ain’t gonna rest until I end you, you got that Toady?”
“Well if ya wanna play it dat way den fine. I’ll finish what I started five years ago, and bury da last of da Golfoxes in da bottom of da bay!” Mr. Toad shouted back
Marlon’s paw went for the gun tucked into his belt. Mr. Toad raised his own machine gun and pointed it back at him. Then they heard the sirens in thhe distance.
“Sounds like da dog are comin’, We best be makin’ tracks now or else we’s all gonna be doin’ time in da slam!”
Marlon froze for a minute. Then move his paw away from his pistol. “Don’t think this is over Toad! “ He snarled. “I’d best be keeping a constant glance over your shoulders from here on out if I was you!” Marlon snarled. “Alright mates looks like we’re done here, lets clear the heck out!” Marlon and his gang all piled into a big black van and peeled off into the night, the tires schreeching on the pavement.
“Oh yeah well I’ll be waitin’ for ya! Sor bring it on!” Mr toad shouted back. He then sighed sighed. “Great” He muttered to himself. “Dis is just what I need.”
One Week later.
“We Gather here today to honer our fallen officer Grover Bristlefur. He was a good dog, and brave. He gave his life in the line of duty, protecting this city.” The raven priest cawed.
Soft sobbing noises came from Grover’s Mother and several other of his litter siblings who sttodd at the front of the funeral procession dressed in black attire.
“Anya, You were Grover’s partner for five years. Perhaps you night have some words?” The raven cawed
Anya sighed as everyone looked at her expectantly. She really didn’t want to do this. She walked up and took the podium. “Umm. Grover was a very nice easy going creature.” She said. “He always knew how to have fun in life. I now wish I could have gotten to know him better. I had the chance to, he kept asking me out on dates but I didn’t- I was always too busy. . .” She lost her voice and the tears began dripping from her eyes.
Crankjaw quickly ran up and gently guided her away from the podium.
Gorvers Casket was lowered into the hole in the police grave. Five dogs marched up dressed in white ceremonial police dog uniform and tossed there heads back and howled towards the full pearly white moon, a traditional sendoff for dogs that have fallen in battle.
Grover’s casket was lowered into the ground. After the funeral the mourners gather around the grave to watch the dirt get thrown on top of it.
“I read your report last night, some pretty crazy stuff,” Cranjaw said to Anya “Never woud have thought Craig Boulder woud stoop that low.”
“Yeah” Anya responded. “I was very shocked too,”  
“So you say a bunch of guys broke in and started shooting? And somehow that Tyranno animatronic go damaged in the gun battle?”
“Yeah someone hit the thing with a grenade and the head fell off. I was escaping the building while everyone else was distracted.”
“Hmm. Why didn’t you call in or anything once you got out of there?”
“They and taken my phone and radio!”
“Ya could have still tried to find a pay phone or something.”
“I-I’m sorry sir, I guess I wasn’tb thinking strait . . .”
Crankjaw sighed “Its okay detective, I guess you can’t really expect anyone to be thinking on their feet after going through what you went through that night. You know we found the remains of Craig Boulder along with the remains of the rest of his congregation that was in the church at the time, a lot of the bodies have been burnt to a crisp, but whe found where some of them appeared to have what looks like bullet wounds.”
“I don’t, a little bit after I got out, I heard a lot of gunfire, then those creatures that were shooting the place up came out. Then the church started burning.”
“Well it would figure that these nutjobs would piss the wrong creature off sooner or later, especially if they were targeting crime bosses. You wouldn’t have gotten to see who any of these guys where would you?”
“No I was too far away to get a good sniff of them.”
“Blast it!! I just wish we could have taken that turtle in! As much chaos a trouble as he  caused this city, he should have been made to stand trial for his crimes !”
Anya didn’t respond, she just gazed at Grover’ grave.
Crankjaw stood there uncomfortably regretting making Anya relive the memories of that fateful night. “Hey look, you really should take some time off, you have weeks on top of weeks of unused vacation days, I think its time you start using some of them!”
“Thanks for the suggestion sir, but I would rather get back to work.”
“No, no, you’re not understanding me, that was an order not a suggestion. If your going to be working for the GCPD were going to need you with your mind functioning at full capacity and for that your gonna need some time to grieve and recover. I want you to take at least a week off at the very least, you got that?”
. “But sir I-“ She then sighed realizing that Crankjaw was not going to budge on the matter. ”Okay fine, I’ll take the week off.” She mumbled.
The grave was finally filled with dirt everyone began moving back to their cars. Anya started to make her way to her car.
“Officer Jenkins!” Crankjaw called.
Anya turned around.
“Umm, if you ever feel like you need anything like I dunno, someone to talk to or somethin’ feel free to call me on my personal line, alright?”
“Thanks.” Anya responded, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Okay listen up Barfy! I’ve had just about enough of your crap! If you and me are gonna keep being partners, we’re gonna have to get  few things strait!  First off stop calling me Pooch! My name is Wilfred! Second off we’re gonna start doing things by the book. You and me both know that skunk didn’t need to be shot in the leg! And third, stay the heck away from my sister! She’s way too high class for the likes of you!”
“Hey, well you know I never asked to get stuck with your stick up the behind butt anyways!  The chief decided to put you with me so we’re gonna have to work this case together like it or not! So why don’t you get off my back?!“  
Marty chuckled  as the commercials came on.
“So you really like this show?” David asked reach into the big bag of fishy bits, that they were sharing on the couch. It was the next night after the incident in the church.
“Of course, why not? It’s the best!”
“Oh well you just didn’t look like the type to like ‘Barfy and Pooch’, I though you’d find it kind of corny.”
“Of course its corny! That what make it so great, This always lightens me up after a long day of work.”
A knock sounded at the door. Marty got up and opened the door. “Why hello Mr. Toad, How are you tonight?”
“Well If ya want me to be honest wicha I got one thing dat are gonna be a pain in da butt ta deal with on my mind.” Mr Toad responded. “I’m  not as big as I used ta be since my casino got blown ta bits, and I think dat Golfox kid is startin’ ta smell da blood and is goin’ ta start muscling his way on my turf. So now I gotta deal with him before he starts causin’ problems for me.”
“Geez,” Marty said. “Well, good luck with that.”
“Yeah yeah, so anyway I was just dropping by ta thank you for da good job ya did workin’ on da case, and to show dat I’m a toad of my word, I givin’ you da other half of da payment.”
He nodded too his to bodyguards in the back of him, Phil and Louie. Phil held up a suitcase and Louie grabbed it and help it up and popped it open presenting the contents to Marty.
“Dere’s da other thousand just as I promised, you can count it here if ya want to.”
Marty took the money out the suitcase. “Thanks, I’m just glad I’m done with the whole thing, wow this is a lot!”
“Well look I gotta go but I wanna let ya know, I like ya, ya made it on my good side!”
“Oh yay me.” Marty responded sarcastically.
“Heh, heh, funny guy huh? But anyways if ya ever need a favor from me, like ya need someone whacked or somethin’ give me a call alright and I’ll see what I can do.”
“Well I guess I’ll keep that in mind,” Marty said Pocketing the money in his trench coat. “Though I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon.”
“Yeah well I’m outta here, I gotta fox problem to deal with!” And with that Mr. Toad, Phil and Louie left the doorway.
David had switched off the TV so he could easedrop on the converstion at the door. Marty walked back in and dropped the wad of money down on the coffee table David’s eye’s widened as the stack bounced slightly on the table.
“Sweet Kitty Bastet! That’s a lot of money!” He exclaimed, ogling the stack of cash.
Marty plopped down on the couch next to him, “Yeah I know, and that’s only half of it, I still got most of the first half he gave me in the safe in my room.”
‘Geeze what are you even going to do with all that?” David asked.
Marty stared at the money on the table. “Don’t know yet.” He picked it up a weighed it in his paw. “Wanna go to the mill pond?” Marty asked. “The drink are on me tonight.”
David grinned. “Yeah sure just let me get my coat.”

Lonely Rock Island Prison Facility  

Lonely Rock was a prison facility built on an island that stood over a five miles away from shore in Geltempo bay. The island was formed by chunk of rock that stuck out several feet above the ocean level forming a large plateau. It stood there stubborn and unmoving against the ocean waves that angrily crashed against the rock.
This was where Geltempo kept its most dangerous and hardened criminals. The island was chosen as a place to build the prison because it was virtually impossible to escape from. Any creature that manage to survive the drop from the edge of the island into the waves would then have to swim for days nonstop in order to get back to shore.
There were three recorded escape attempts from the island but none of them were successful, two drowned trying to swim to shore and the other died after getting dashed amongt a patch of sharp rocks.
There was only two way for a prisoner to escape from the cold desolate rock, one was if they served out there entire sentence at got pardoned by the city and the other was death. Mostly all sent to Lonely Rock took the latter way out, either dying from old age, getting murdered by fellow inmate, execution or suicide.
It was nighttime in the lonely rock prison, It was rec time for the prisoners in cell block E. To guard dogs sat in chairs at the front as the prisoner mingled about the rec yard, a small area on the hard rock surface of Lonely Rock enclosed by a fence, some were kicking a ball around and others were throwing a frisbee. The guards didn’t seem too concerned with watching the yard as one had fallen asleep and the other was idly pawing through a magazine.
A small skunk kit who looked way too young to be wandering amongst the fierce stone faced looking inmates walked his way through the yard. He wore a pair of dirty overalls over a greasy shirt, and a short little hat.
Suddenly a ball flew in whacking him in the head knocking him face first on the ground.
A weasel ran up grabbing the ball. “Hey you messed up my wicked cool pass with your head stupid!” He growled at the kit. “Why don’t you watch the heck where you’re going!!”
“Waah!! That hurt. You need to watch where you’re kicking that ball!” The little skunk cried,.
The weasel whacked him in the back of his head with the ball making him fall back on the ground.
“Shut up! You know I get mighty sick about how you prance around like you own the dang place! ‘oh look at me, I’m Onioneye the skunk, I can go anywhere in the prison I want because they let me keep a key card, nobody cat hurt little old me cause I’m Scarsnouts little errand kit!’ Well guess what you little punk, Scarsnout can’t watch you every moment!”
“Is that right?” Rumbled a deep gravelly voice behind him.
The weasel slowly turned around and his eyes widened with fright as he saw the speaker. It was a huge honey badger towering over him, with narrow fierce eyes and a long scar which ran from his right cheek all the way up hiss snout. “You have a problem with my little guy?” He growled
“Problem?” The weasel asked shakily, “Oh nonononooooo, Scarsnout! I was just helping little Onioneye here! You see he tripped and fell and I was helping him-“
“Waaah! He beatin’ me up!” Onioneye screamed.
“Is that so?” Scarsnout rumbled.
“No no! You know how young ones are with imagination-“
Scarsnout grabbed the weasel by the collar and lifted him up high into the air until his eye were level with his own.
“Now you better listen very closely because this the last time I’m gonna say this to you! Onioneye here works for me now, and while he’s working for me, he’s under my protection. Now if you don’t want your legs broken, don’t mess with creatures under my protection, you got that?”  
“Y-yes sir!” The weasel sputter, “I won’t ever touch him again I swear!!”
Scarsnout threw him down on the ground and began kicking him in the side.
The Guard dog looked up from his magazine. “Hey! You guys stop it over there, before I make you spend the night in the cave!” he shouted not bothering to actually get up.
Scarsnout gave him a final kick, “Get out of my sight.” He growled.
“Yeah, and don’t come back ya big poopyhead!” Onioneye shouted.
“Shut up!” Scarsnout shouted at the skunk kit as the weasel quickly scampered off. “Your fifteen minutes late!”
“I’m sorry,” Onioneye cried. “Please don’t hit me!”
“Just take this!” The Badger slammed a small palm sized box into Onioneye’s chest. “Now I want you to listen to me very carefully, you are to sit out here and wait till Cell block F has there rec hour. There will be a cat on the weights in the exercise room. Give the box to the cat, he will give you a brown envelope. Bring that envelope back to me! And don’t let the guads see it! You got that?”
Onioneye nodded his head. “Yeah!”
“Lets hear you repeat it back to me!”
“Ummm, Take the box to the cat in the  weight room, Get the envelope and don’t let the gaurds see the box.”
“Don’t mess this up for me again.” Scarsnout snarled. “If you do I will bop you up aisde the head a few good times again.”
“Ohh! Please don’t hit me again!” Onioneye pleaded. “I won’t mess up I promised!”
A loud buzzer sounded. “It was time for the inmates of cell block E to return to their cells. “Just don’t screw this up!” Scarsnout growled before turning around and heading off back to Cell Block E. Onioneye sat on the bench at the back with the box in his little paws. He looked and the small cardboard. He shook it and heard a few loose items rattling around inside.
It would be half an hour until Rec hour for Cell block F began. Eventually the curiosity burning in his mind got the better of him. He wanted to know what was inside the box. He thought about it for a minute and then came up with a plan. He wouldn’t be technically be opening it if it fell on the ground and happened to fall open.
He held the box as high as his little arms could stretch and then ‘accidentally’ let the box slip from his paw. The box hit the ground making a soft noise. The lid to the box fell off revealing the contents inside. There were ten makeshift cigarettes, amateurishly rolled up around some dried up crushed leaves. The was also a book of matches with a logo of a bright pink bunny on it.
Onioneye’s eyes went wide with delight when he saw the matches. It had been weeks since he got to watch something burn. He picked up the book of matches and struck a single one and watched it burn, getting memorized by the flickering flame. All too quickly the match was blown out in the wind. Onioneye sighed with frustration. He needed something to make a bigger flame with. He felt around in his pockets looking for scraps of paper that he could use for kindling. But he had no luck all he found was a half-eaten biscuit that he had saved from lunch.
Taking a bite out of the biscuit he scanned the empty yard, looking for something he could burn. His eyes then fell on the cigarettes in the box. Maybe no one would notice if just one of the cigarettes were just a little bit burnt. He struck another match and set a tiny piece of the cigarette on fire. This time he got a much better flame. Before he knew it, it had already burned down to his paw and he dropped it.
Onioneye quickly put the lid back on the box hoping that no one would notice a cigarette missing. The prison buzzer rang again soon and the prisoners from Cell Block F began to spill into the yard. After waiting ten minutes Onioneye made his way to the exercise building.
The room had a few rusted old hulking pieces of exercise equipment and  weight bench with a few weights scattered around it. There was a cat sitting on the bench dong curls with a set of dumbells, this cat had no tail, Onioneye recognized him. It was Manny the Manx a cat that arrive at Lonely Rock only two weeks. He was brought in for armed robbery on a bank and shot two creatures.
“What the heck?” He said as Onioneye walk towards him. “They’re having kittens do time here now?”
“This is from Snoutsnout.” Onioneye said handing him the box.
“Sweet! My catnip.” Manny said in delight. He dropped his dumbbell which hit the floor with a loud thud and snatched the box.
“The envelope!” Onioneye cried. “I need the envelope now.”
“Yeah, yeah, keep your pants on little dude, I got it here.” Manny reached a paw in the pocket of his orange prison jumpsuit and pulled out an envelope. He handed it to Onioneye. “ Tell Scarsnout I said thanks for hookin’ me up!”
“Okay, I’m leaving now!” Onioneye turned around and started to try to run out the room. But Manny had grabbed him by the tail.
“Hang on a second here, why is there only nine of these cigarettes? I was paying for ten! What the heck you think you’re trying to pull here?!”
Onioneye shugged nervously. “Umm . . . Umm . . . I don’t know”
“Well listen, you give me my envelope back and you take this back to Scarsnout and you tell him I want ten like we agreed on!”
“No please! If I mess up Scarsnout is gonna hit me again!” Onioneye pleaded.
“Not my problem kid! Now hand it over!” Manny reached for the envelope but Onioneye dodged out of the way. Manny chased the skunk around the room. Onioneye was reaching for the doorknob on the exit when Manny finally caught up with him. Grabbing him by the shoulders, Manny lifted the little skunk of the ground.
“Give me the envelope you little punk!” He shouted. He began viciously shaking the poor skunk really hard trying to make him drop the envelope.  All of  suddenfrom out of nowhere a long pink whip like strand dropped down from the ceiling, literally appearing out of nowhere. It whip itself around Manny neck and began to tighten.
“What the- hurk!” Manny began thrash about, struggling to pull off the pink thing that was holding his neck.  But the pink strand refused to ease up on the cat, lifting him off the floor as it strangled him.
Onioneye fell down on the ground landing on his round fluffy bottom, feverishly he scooted away until his back it the wall.
It was the Pink Whip! Onioneye had heard whispers and rumors that the prison was haunted by a vengeful spirit of a wrongly convicted prisoner that was executed there. It was rumored that it would kill anyone unfortunate enough to come across it, by strangling them to death with a pink colored whip. This had to be it, Onioneye could think of no other explanation of what was going on.
In his fear Onioneye sprayed the foul smelling liquids that skunks produce from his bottom. The Pink Whip suddenly released Manny dropping the cat on the floor. Manny stood up rubbing his neck and gasping for breath and then consequently gagged on the foul smelling stench Onioneye had released into the air.
“Geez kid,” He grunted. “You think you could turn the stink of for a second?”
Then the dumbbell that Manny was curling earlier floated off the ground. Manny gazed at it not quite believing what he was seeing. Then the dumbbell slammed itself into his head. The cat fell down on the ground. Then dumbbell rose up again and slammed itself into the back of the cats head a second time. It rose into the air and hit Manny’s head a third time this time making a sickening wet cracking noise as the cat’s skull caved in.
Onioneye watched this bizarre gruesome scene wide open eye. He then relized that the Pink Whip would come after him now that the cat was dead. The got him on his feet, he then ran as fast as his little legs could carry him, out of the exercise building and into the Yard.
To be continued in “Marty Mask and the Ghost of Lonley Rock”


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