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Ch 11 The Church of Tyranno
“Well jeez is that rude or what?” David fumed angrily as the walked down the street. “After all that help and information you gave her she's gonna still just kick us out like that?!”
“Yeah that Anya for ya, she really doesn't like working with me sometimes so I kinda figured she'd try to get rid of me as soon as she felt she didn't need me anymore.”
“Why does she hate you so much” David asked.
“Well you see Anya always did like to do thing by the book. Heck I even think she even memorized the darn  book sometimes, my style is a bit more unorthodox. I don't wait for things like warrants before breaking in a house or something if I need to find some evidence. I don't follow any codes, or rules when I investigate. Sometimes she needs my help when solving a case,and that pisses her off to no end.”
“Jeez she an be a real jerk sometimes!”
“Hey, go easy on her will ya?” Marty said. “I know she can be a huge grouch sometimes but Anya is one of the few decent souls in this city, she's the most dedicated dog I've seen trying to make these streets safe.”
Marty turned left at the first corner they got to.
“Wait, were are we going?” David asked, “The bus stop is the other way!”
“I'm about to head down this alley coming up, should take me to the back of the studio. There's just one more thing I'd like to look into before calling it a day.”
“Wait why? Anya might actually arrest us for sure if she catches us back in that building!”
“Who said anything about going back inside?” Marty said. “He then pulled out his phone and dialed a number on it. “Hey Nina, its me Marty, . . . Yeah you on your lunch break yet? . . .  great, can you meet me in the back of the building? . . . Thanks you're a real peach.” He closed his phone and put it away. “Lets go.”
They arrived to the back of the fluff network studio. There was a small parking space  outside the back double doors where a small white truck sat idle in the lot. On the other side of the lot there was an overflowing dumpster.
There was a set of double doors and a small bench next to it. A squirrel was sitting on the bench with a smoking cigarette in her paw. David realized that this was the receptionist that had greeted them when they had first entered the studio. She still no longer had the plastic smile plastered to her face.
Marty walk up to the bench and greeted her. “Hey Nina!”
“Hi Marty, I'm sorry but I can't get you back in, that hard nose detective really doesn't want you getting back in there, and frankly she's kinda scary and I'd rather not piss her off.” Nina replied
“Don't sweat it, you done more than enough for me already, getting us those janitor suits and getting us in that dressing room.”
“Hey it was the least I could do after you helped me find my kitten at the mall.”
“ah, it was nothin', I couldn't pass up a sow in distress without helping, besides it was pretty easy to figure out that the little tyke ran off to the nut bread store, Anyways its okay if you don't wanna get me back inside, I think I've already found out everything I wanted to know in there anyways. I actually wanted to ask you some questions. You told me that lots of the staff for that building like to gossip with you about the going ons there, so I was hoping that maybe you would have some information that could help me out.”
“Well sure I try to answer them,” Nina responded. “I so sure of how much help I can be, only thing I can tell you about Batty that you probably don't already know is that he can be a real jerk-wad sometimes, yelling at me because the lights in his dressing room are too bright! Like I'm supposed to do something about it, I'm the receptionist not the dang electrician!”
  “Actually I wanted to ask you about a lizard named Zenny Scales.”
“Zenny Scale? Where did you hear about him at?”
“Well lets just say his name popped up during my investigations.”
“Ain't that the lizard they found splattered on the ground in the Otto's department store lot?”
“Yeah that sounds like him.”
“Hmm well I don't know exactly who he pissed of to deserve that kind of end but I do know a little bit about him since he used  to work here,  Zenny used to be  in charge of the special effects there, and he was the best at it. Every explosion and stunt that happens on 'Barfy and Pooch'  or any of our other shows  and movies on the Fluff Network, they are all his design. I don't what Craig Boulder's gonna do now that he's dead, the guy was a master at illusions and tricks, I don't really think we'll ever be able to find anyone as good as he was.”
“ Hmm. Well that's interesting, but I was wondering how did Craig Boulder feel about the guy.”
“How did Craig feel about him?”
“Lets just say I have reason to believe that Mr. Boulder didn't entirely trust Zenny.”
“Really? Oh jeez, well I didn't see anything to suggest that, in fact it looked like they were working together on something before he died.”
“Have any idea what it was was.”
“Well at first I wasn't sure, but then Mr. Boulder started have a bunch of creature work on this giant animatronic skeleton for some new horror movie we were doing called 'Attack of the Living Fossil'. Zenny Scales was in charge of constructing it. Weird part is just as they finished building the dang thing, Batty cancels production for the movie.”
“Did he give any reason for this?”
“All he said was the movie wasn't going the way he envisioned it. Still doesn't make sense though, The studio spent a lot of money building that animatronic.”
“What ever happened to this animatronic.”
“I think we're keeping it in the studio warehouse down the street.”
“Hmm, I might have to pay this warehouse a visit.”
“Well good luck getting in there, They got a 24 hour guard there and I can't help you getting in that place, you on your own.”
Before Marty could respond the back doors burst open. Craig Boulder hurriedly rushed out followed by a huge crocodile wheeling a metal cart. Its cargo was covered by a thick white sheet that was tied over it with rope.
Craig Boulder almost jumped when he saw Marty, David and Nina.
“Nina what the heck are you doing out here?! And who the heck are these guys?!!”
“I'm on my lunch break, I always have it at six o'clock. These are my friends, we were  just chatting.”
“Well your lunch break is over, now get back in there and get back to work!”Craig Boulder snapped as the crocodile loaded the cart onto the truck. “And tell these friends of yours to get off private studio property before I have their butts arrested!This ain't a social club.” And with that, he and the crocodile climbed into the cab and the truck began to lurch off.
“Geez, what crawled up his butt and died today?!!” Nina snapped irately throwing her cigarette down and grounding it out with her foot.
“Sorry to take off on you like this Nina but I gotta go follow that truck, thanks for you help. C'mon David, let go.” Marty said really quickly.
By the time Nina looked back up Marty had already taken off full speed after the truck. David had hesitated at first but then ran after Marty.
“You guy be careful out there!” She call out.
Marty turned around for a second and wave at her. “Thanks doll, will do.” Then  her continued chasing after the truck.
Marty and David ran out of the alley as the truck reach the street it began to speed up, but it the had to stop for the red light at the end of the block.
Marty scanned the street. “Oh thank goodness its a taxi.” A fox had waved down a tax and was preparing to board it. Marty ran up and shoved the fox to the side. “Sorry pal but I need this cab more than you right now.”he said as he climbed in the taxi followed by David.
“Hey what's the big idea?!!” The fox began to protest. David shut the door on him and the fox began angrily beating on the window.
“Hey I saw that!” The rabbit cab driver said. “That wasn't right or fair, You gotta wait till your turn, Now I don't think I can in good consciousness-” The rabbit stopped talking as soon a he saw the wad of cash Marty had shoved through the window.
“There more where that came from if you don't lose that truck up there!” Marty said pointing at the truck.
“Yes sir!” The rabbit said starting the taxi up and driving up to the back of the truck.
The light changed green and the truck lurched into motion, followed by the taxi car.
“So you wanna tell me why we're following this guy?” David asked.
“I'm just getting a bad feeling about that cart, Craig is acting kinda nervous when he ran out the door. Plus those sheets on the cart were practically drenched in scent eraser, whatever or whoever it is under those sheets, Craig don't want us smelling.”
“Yeah I haven't seen Anya or Grover since she kicked us out the building and I've just tried calling her phone and was not able to reach her.”
“. . . Wait you don't think that's them tied up under those sheets do you?”
“that's what I intend to find out!”
They followed the truck down a couple of blocks until it turned down a big driveway next to an old, abandon looking rundown church.  
“It looks like their stopping, you can drop us off right there.” Marty said to the driver slipping a few more bills through the window and pointing to an area about three feet from the driveway.
After the taxi dropped them off Marty walked up to the side of the driveway, then pressing his body against the wall he peaked his head around the corner. He the back up a motioned for David to come over. “It pretty dark in that alley, I understand that cats have the best night vision, so you feel like you wanna take a peek?”
“Okay, I guess.” David carefully crept up to the edge of the building the he poked out his head to look down the driveway.
The truck had stopped at the side of the building and Craig Boulder and Crocco stepped out. A rattlesnake in a black sleeveless robe slithered out the side door. “What took you so long?! Service is about to start in five minutes!” He said.
“Sorry, I ran into a little complication. But I'm here now aren't I?” Mr. Boulder responded.
Crocco began to unload the cart off the truck, and there were defiantly signs of something alive trapped under the sheets as the shapes under them was squirming and struggling against the rope that firmly held them down.
“And what the heck is that?” The snake asked.
“Two police dogs that tried to get in the way of our holy mission! We shall use them as sacrifices tonight to demonstrate the power of Tyranno.” Mr. Boulder responded.
The snake look worried. “Those are dogs? And you brought them here? Do really think it was wise to bring police dogs here?”
“Don't tell me your doubting the power of Tyranno! We have the protection of a god behind us now! No puny mortal powers such as the police force can get in our way now!” Craig Boulder declared as the cart was wheeled into the church.
David leaned off the wall and crept back to Marty. “It looks like you're right, they've got Anya and Grover! And it looks like they ain't got much time left either, a service is about to start in five minutes and Craig Boulder said something about them being sacrifices.”
“Oh geez that doesn't sound good!” Marty murmured, “Well dang, now I gotta do something, I can't just let them get killed like that! Looks like we got to cancel this service.”
“Are you nuts?!” David hissed. “That church is probably full right now, we'd be way outnumbered.”
“Have you forgotten already?” Marty Mask said pulling out his phone, “We got backup.”
Ch 10 The Stain of Truth

“Hmm, so this must have been written by that blackmailer!” Anya remarked.
“Blackmailer? You know about a blackmailer?” Marty asked “Is there something you'd maybe like to clue me in on.”
“And why the heck would I share information with you? You're not a part of this investigation,  you're not even with the police!”
Marty shrugged.”Oh well I guess you got a point, you don't need to be telling me anything. I mean I was going to tell ya how Batty's suicide was connected to all these bombs going off all over the city. But hey you're  I'm not on the police force. We should just keep each of our own investigations to our self”
That made Anya pause for a moment. “Y-you can't fool me like that, I-I know you're just bluffing, You probably don't know anything!”  She said uncertainly after a few seconds.
Marty didn't respond he just pulled a cigarette and lighter out his coat pocket and lit it.  He pulled a long drag of it a puffed the smoke out of his mouth.
After about a minute Anya broke down.
“Alright, tell me what you got.”
“You first.”
“ You first? What the heck do you mean by you first?!'”
“Well you didn't think I was gonna just start talking for nothin' did you? I'll tell you what I know when you tell me about this blackmailer of yours.”
“Okay fine!” Anya said. “But you better not be messing around with me because I can still haul your tail off to jail for interfering with a police investigation!!”
She told Marty all about her visit to Elaine Nocturne and all about the video that she watched there.
“Hmm, Interesting,” Marty said thoughtfully, “So that's why Batty felt he had to cooperate with this blackmailer!”
“Yeah, now its your turn! Tell me how all this connects to all the bombs that's been going off!”
Marty shrugged “Well a deal's a deal I guess.”
Marty told Anya about his investigation into the explosions and how he traced the connection back to The Church of Tyranno.
“So your working for filthy criminals now?” Anya responded. “That's a new low, even for you Marty!”
“Hey,” Marty responded, “Its not like I had a choice! My brother's a tough guy but he can't handle the entire Amphibian Mafia on his own!”
“You should have come to the police for help!”
“No offense Anya, but I found that the Geltempo police aren't the most reliable when it comes protecting creatures that ain't rich!”
“That's not-” And then she stopped herself realizing that Marty was right. Not all of the dogs in the police department had protecting the city as their top priority.
“Whatever! So what your saying is this church of Tyranno is behind all the bombings?”
“Yeah and someone is playing these guys like a fiddle! They've tricked Batty in to shooting himself and made it look like a divine act of this Tyranno  God just so they'd believe in him and blindly do whatever he said!”
“But I guess you don't no who this person is yet?”
“Nope but that's what I'm trying to figure out.”And with that Marty returned to sifting through the trash.
“Why the heck are you still going through the trash?!” Anya asked. “We got the note, what else are you expecting to find in there?!”
“There's still a piece missing.” Marty said.
“Does it matter? We can see the whole note. It's just a corner piece missing! There isn't nothing on it.”
“C'mon Anya you're supposed to be a detective, you should know this!” Marty said holding up a small ball of paper. “A puzzle is never complete until you've fit in every last piece.”
He unrolled the paper and placed it into the corner where the piece was missing.
“You satisfied now?” Anya asked.
“What's this right here?” Marty asked tapping a small red blotch with his claw.
“Is that blood?” David asked.
Anya knelt down and sniffed the paper herself. “No it's not blood. Is just some kind of spicy food sauce.”
“Hmm. Looks like our blackmailer was enjoying themselves a little snack when they wrote this.” Marty remarked.
“Wait a minute!” Anya said. She sniff the paper again. “I smelled this before!”
She handed the paper piece to her partner. “Here Grover! Don't you recognize this scent?”
Grover took the paper and sniffed it. “Huh? Is this from that crayfish Craig Bolder was eating? Wait- you don't think?”
“Lets not go jumping to conclusions here! We need to just talk with him for now.” Anya replied.
“Craig Boulder huh? That's the guy that runs this place isn’t it? Interesting.”
“Yeah its  interesting alright, but this is as far as you go!” Anya replied.
“What do you mean by that?”
“What I mean is that this is an official police investigation and you're not a part of the police. So take a cab and go home. We can handle it from here!”
“What are you serious, you would’ve even known to question the guy if it wasn't for Marty!” David said.
“I'm sorry, but the law is the law. I can't be bringing civilians around on official business!”
“It's okay,” Marty replied shrugging. “I can find another lead.”
“I'd really suggest you'd just go home and let the police handle this! If what you’re saying about the bombings being involved in this is true than this is way to big for a lone private detective to handle!!”
“Sorry Anya but I gotta make a living somehow.”  Marty replied.
“Fine, play it your way, but if you get in my way I will take you in!” Anya said. “Now your five minutes is up! Now get out of here and take those silly janitor uniforms off!”
Anya personally escorted Marty and David out of the building after they changed out of the janitor outfits to make sure that they left for good. She then instructed the security guard on duty to not under any circumstances allow the raccoon access back into the building.
She and Grover then headed to the reception desk to ask about speaking to Craig Boulder.
“Oh, Mr. Boulder went to his office just a moment ago!” The squirrel chirped brightly.
“And which way is this office.” Anya asked.
“Oh, I'm terrible sorry but Mr. Boulder has requested that nobody is to disturb him for the next couple of hours, perhaps you can come back in the mourning and speak with him.”
Anya took her badge out and slapped it on the desk in front of her. “Listen, I'm in the middle of a very important investigation here. So Mr. Boulder is just going to have to deal with being disturbed for now! Now tell me where his office is!” she snarled at her.
“Umm-umm O-on the twelfth floor s-second door on the right.” The squirrel stammered nervously.
“Lets Go!” Anya said to Grover. They entered the elevator and got out on the twelfth floor then they walked down the dark red hallway and opened the door to Craig Boulder's office.
Craig boulder was sitting at his desk talking to a large crocodile sitting on the other side.
“Hey its the Detectives!” Craig Boulder greeted them. “So are you done investigating Batty's death yet?”
“Well not quite.” Anya replied. “But we did find out a couple of interesting facts and some of them I'd like to ask you some questions about.”
“Well Croco” Craig said to the crocodile. “Looks like we're going to have to finish this discussion later.”
Croco nodded and got up and left the room through the door.
“Would you like to have a seat?” Craig Boulder offered.
“If its all the same to you, we'd rather stand.”
“Well okay, what did you want to ask me about?”
“Okay so what I'm about to tell you is confidential and you are not repeat this to anyone!We have reason to believe that Batty did not intentionally commit suicide.”
“Oh jeez. Are you kidding me? C'mon now, he verily clearly shot himself in the head on live television! Just cause he bought some plane tickets doesn't mean he couldn't have change his mind and decided to off himself.”
“We've found out some more decisive evidence that the plane tickets today.” Anya replied. “We found a box for a prop gun in his desk, Batty was planning to only pretend to kill himself tonight. But someone secretly switched his fake gun out for a real gun and he ended up unwittingly shooting himself in the head with live ammo. Also a ripped up note was found in the trash. It was assembled back together and it looked like a blackmail letter instructing Batty to fake his death.”
“Okay well maybe your right. But I still don't get what this has to do with me.”
“Well there was on part of this blackmail letter that was  particularly interesting” Anya walked to the trash can next to the desk a took  out an empty carry out container that Craig Boulder had eaten his lunch out  of. She opened it and sniffed  the leftover sauce in the bottom.
“Wow, are you Geltempo cop so underpaid you gotta eat out the trash?” Craig boulder laughed.
“This special crayfish sauce,” she said. “We found a stain of it on the black mail note. Whoever wrote the note was eating the Crayfish special from the seafood place down the street. Now I called this diner and they told me there's only one creature who regularly orders the Crayfish Special and that creature is you. I also find it oddly convenient that the creature who replaced his prop gun was only able to do so because you call Batty away to your office at the last minute.”
Craig Boulder frown at Anya. “So what exactly are you implying officer?”
“Well I think you may be a suspect in the murder of Batty Nocturne and we believe you may be tied to the bombing as well. I'd like to ask you to come down to the station so we can ask you some more questions.”
Craig Boulder stood up slowly with a serious look on his face now. “That won't be necessary now.” He said rapping the desk twice with his fist. “You police detectives are a little bit better than I had hoped you would be.  You know about the truth behind Batty's suicide and you've somehow managed to connect it to the bombings. You already know way to much more that I would prefer you know.”
Anya took out her gun a pointed it at him. “So let me get this straight, are you confessing?”
Craig Boulder shrugged rapping his desk again. “Well yes I suppose you could say I am. It was so pathetically easy fooling that idiot bat into shooting himself in the head.”
“Well this is as far as whatever your plan is goes! You're under arrest for- Hey wait a minute, why do you keep hitting the desk like that?”
“Now Croco!” Mr. Boulder shouted.
Anya heard footsteps rushing up behind her and she spun around but her reaction was too late. It was Croco who had silently sneaked back into the office at Mr. Boulder signal. He had rushed up behind her raising a big blackjack in the air and brought it down hard on her cracking her  in the skull. That was the last thing she remembered before losing conciseness.
Grover went for for his on gun. “Hey what are you doing-” Croco was  on him before he could draw his weapon. He hit  the dog with the blackjack full strength across the face. Grover did a full half spin in the air before crash to the floor with a broken jaw.
“Well that was a little too close for comfort.” Mr. Boulder remark after both of the dogs were knocked out on the floor. “Let hope they haven't radioed in to the station yet, or this might make things even more complicated.”
Croco took out a gun cocked it. “shall I kill them now?” He asked.
Mr. Boulder angrily waved his hands shaking his head. “No you idiot not here! Everybody in the building's gonna hear the gunshots, besides I got a better idea than just killing them now. We can use them in tonight's service.  Get some rope and tie them up, then get a prop cart and some sheets! And be quick about it! We gotta get them out of here before they wake up!”
Ok I know this is just some nerdy nitpicking and i have too much time on my hands but but did anyone read the trophy description for the blue pikmin yet?
"This Blue pikmin walks around with its mouth ajar"
Its a gill not a mouth!!!!!
I just beat the game and there are some things about the ending that don't add up, One If they wernt using Magic then how were they doing thestuff at the beggining of the game, like making the statues come to life and trash that car, and the birdcoming in through the window and turning into a witch and a basically all the other magical stuff that was happening before luke and Layton even came to Labyrinthia,
    And my second thing is A whole town full of  people got burned to death, and you mean to tell me that there are no reprocussions for that? No one's going to go to jail for that or at least get sued for their negligence?
CH 8 The studio

“What the heck are you doing here.” Marty demanded to know.
Can you put down the weapon, I prefer not to talk with guns pointed at my head.” Kenji responded.
“What, you think I'm some kind of meat clone?” Marty said. “I'm keeping this gun on you till you get outta hear!”
“Mr Mask please calm down, If my aim was to kill you you would be dead already.”
“Okay fine then, lets see ya throw all your weapons on the floor.” Marty said.
“If that makes you feel any better.” Kenji slowly reached in his suit jacket and dropped a knife and gun on the carpeted floor with a soft thud.
“Happy now?”
“Just about. Spread your arms out.”
“Really, is this how you treat your guests?” Kenji asked.
“You broke in my apartment so I don't exactly consider you a guest. Now spread those arms before my trigger claw starts getting twitchy!”
Kenji sighed and spread his paws out.
“David c'mere and take this gun while I check him.” Marty said.
“Huh? But I don't-”
“Just point the thing at him and blow his head off if he acts funny”
Marty shoved the gun into his paws before he could protest any further and walked over to Kenji. David nervously held the  gun pointed at Kenji as Marty carefully patted down every crease and crevice of Kenji's suit and each of his pants legs.
“Okay well I guess you're clean.”
“Not anymore. You got your paw prints on my nice suit!” Kenji said brushing his suit off with a hint of restrained annoyance in his voice.
“Sorry pal, but I had to make sure you aren't packing heat. You can put the gun down I guess.” Marty said to David. David brought the gun down with a sigh of relief.
“Alright buddy you got one minute!” Marty said to Kenji.
“Thank you. My purpose here today is simple. I have come to deliver you a message from Goro Yamato, Panda Lord himself. You see I happen to be a detective just like yourself only I work privately under the employ of the Panda Lord, Its my job to find and investigate things for him.”
“Hmmph” Marty said. “You must have not been that good if his brother felt the need to hire me!”
“In that particular incident everybody in the building was a suspect and that included myself. Takadai Yamato wanted an outside party to conduct the investigation. But getting back to the topic at paw here, we were away from Geltempo for a while to handle an emergency back in our homeland of Ponipia. But now that's been taken care of and I'm back. I have been task with recovering the Death Touch Scroll before it fall into the paws of an enemy. Now I know you still have it because I've check out all the pawnshops and underground fences in this city and no one has seen it before.
“Obviously you are having more trouble profiting off your theft than you planned for, so I relayed this information to Goro and he is willing to make you an offer. Return that stolen scroll back to us right now and you will have a guarantee that there will be no retaliation or punishment even though your crimes against the Yamato family are great.”
“Hmm.” Marty said. “That's a pretty good offer you're making there. But even if I was to believe that your boss was willing to forgive and forget about the whole murdering his brother thing, there's still just one little problem.”
“And that is?”
“Ya got the wrong guy. I ain't got your scroll and I don't know  where it is. Bladetail is the creature you're looking for.”
Kenji sighed “Please Mr. Mask, if you're trying to fool me you must do much better than that, Takadai was killed by a gun, the Jinsodo clan does not use modern weaponry and Bladetail never carries any firearms on him.”
“C'mon Kenji! If you're really trying to call yourself a detective, then you'd already know I couldn't have taken it! It was missing before I got there! That's the reason you brought me there, to find the scroll! How would I have it?”
“Bladetail told us what happen. He said that he saw you discover the scroll in the large vase in the corner of the room. You pocketed it in your coat with out saying anything. You found the scroll but decided keeping it for yourself since it would be worth more than Takadai's payment.
“He came in on you as you were trying to pin the crime on me, since I had access to he vault but claiming you couldn't find the scroll. He told the Panda Lord what he witnessed and the Panda lord had you remove your coat. He search it and found the scroll at that moment your mate Nora knocked Bladetail unconscious with her handbag and you shot Takadai with your gun.”
“Bladetail told you that huh? And you just blindly believe him?”
“Goro does and that is all that matters. Now I'll ask you one more time. Please turn over the scroll.”
Marty sighed “Can you wait here a sec.” He disappeared into his office.
“I hope for both of your sakes he is getting that scroll!” Kenji said to David. “If the Panda Lord does not receive his scroll soon he will order the deaths of Marty Mask and anyone associated with him. That includes you, Mr Felidae. So if you happen to have any information on what your friend might have done with that scroll you might find it to be very beneficial for you if you desire to live.”
“Huh? B-but I don't know anything!! He told me the same thing he told you! That Bladetail's got it.” David sputtered.
“Hey Kenji, how about you back the heck off my partner before I feel the need to pull my gun out again.” Marty had emerged from his office holding a small pink recorder.
“No need to get nasty. I was just attempting to make a little small talk. Do have the scroll?” Kenji asked
“No  but I do have evidence that I don't have it.” Marty replied. “You remember my mate Nora don't you?”
“Yes.” Kenji said. “I was looking for her too but from what I can gather she's dead. Is that correct?”
“Yeah. But she left somethings behind. You see, Nora was somewhat of an ace news reporter and  she could never pass up the opportunity for a headline making story. So the night you barged in  my office and hired me, she just couldn't help herself, she brought this along.” Marty held up the recorder.
“What?!!” Kenji exclaimed angrily. “You mean she recorded the whole thing?!!”
“Calm down pal, don't get your fur in a ruffle. After the way that night ended, she decided  it best not to write any stories about it, but she kept it on file just in case she changed her mind.”
Kenji sighed. “Very well let's listen to what's on it, but after wards I'm going to need to take that recorder too since it has information sensitive to the Yamato family on it.”
“Sure, I was gonna let you have it anyways so you can play it for your Panda Lord.” Marty said tossing it to Kenji. “Go ahead and press the play button.”
Kenji clicked the button and the tape began to play. They could hear Nora's voice talking in a hushed whisper. “This I Nora Whiskers, I am currently in a limousine headed strait to the penthouse of Panda Lord Yamato, rumored to be a very fearsome crime lord in this city. My mate here, Marty Mask, Ace detective, has been summoned there. I don't yet know what yet for, but it seems to be pretty urgent.”
“Nora what are you, crazy? If this Panda lord finds out your recording him your liable the get both of us killed!” They heard Marty's voice hiss.
“Relax sugar snout, I'm going to keep it in my handbag here, he'll never see it.”
“. . . Ok I guess that’s fine but make sure you don't take it out until after we get back.”
They recording played on as Marty and Nora arrived at the Panda Lord's penthouse and he explained to them his plight, and Marty began his investigation. Everything played out exactly as Marty had told David earlier in Roscoe’s Donuts that day. Then the recorder got to the part where Marty began explaining to the Panda Lord how Bladetail was behind the theft of the scroll. Then Bladetail show up and they heard him explaining why he stole it. Then Marty grunted as Bladetail hit him and then three gunshots sounded.
Kenji stopped the the recorder and pocketed it inside his suite coat.”Well I guess it would appear that Bladetail has betrayed and lied to us. I shall show this to the Panda Lord at once.”
“So now do you believe me?” Marty asked.
“I personally am not believing anything right now. I will have to do further investigations before I draw my own conclusions. I will take this back to Goro though and maybe after hearing this he'll allow me to more thoroughly question Bladetail.”
“Well,” Marty said walking over to the front door. “Until you can come up with this conclusion why don'tcha beat it! In case you haven't noticed, I've got a case of my own to investigate here!”
“Fine, but if I find this is some sort of trick, and I will find out if it is. I 'll be back and next time I won't be as polite. May I take my weapons back please?”
“I guess, but no funny business!”
Kenji bent down and retrieve his gun and knife from  the floor. He pocketed them back in his suite coat.
“Have a pleasant evening.” And with that, Kenji left out the apartment and Marty slammed the door shut behind him.
“Well I hope that takes care of this whole scroll business.”  Marty said.
“You really think he won't be back?” David asked.
“Don't know.” Marty said shrugging his shoulders. “Feels like Kenji's got a few secrets of his own.”
“What make you say that?” David asked.
“Well just all it a hunch for now. But oh well, the case I'm being paid to solve takes first priority.”
David set the gun Marty had given him down on the counter. “So what's the next step?
“Well tomorrow afternoon I'll be paying a visit to the studio to see it this whole thing with Batty's suicide will lead us anywhere.
“But how do you even know you'll be able to get in in? I  don't think they're gonna let just any random creature that asks nicely onto the crime scene.”
“Heh! Don't worry about that! I know a guy over there I helped out of a bind once and he owes me a favor or two he'll get me in.  I can get you in too, that is if you want to come.”
David though about it for a minute. “Yeah.” He replied. “I came this far with you might as well see how this case wraps up.”

“Great.” Marty said grabbing a chair. “I'ma sleep next to the door, just in case Kenji decides   to come back.”

. . .

“Are you sure you should be out investigating?” Grover asked worriedly opening the door of the squad car for Anya. “You really should be resting after such a traumatic experience.”
“for the fiftieth time I'm fine!” Anya grumbled. “I tired of laying around in that dang bed all day.”
Grover offered Anya a paw. She climbed out the car pushing it out the way. “I  can still walk just fine you know.” she snapped.
“Oh okay, just trying to be helpful.” Grover mumbled sounding a little hurt.
Anya sighed, “I'm sorry, I'm just feeling a little frustrated right now. I want to be going after those bombers. But Crankjaw won't take me off the this stupid Batty case. We need to be doing everything we can to catch those monsters. A lot of dogs died right in front of me!”
“Don't worry, I'm sure Crankjaw doesn't intend on letting these guys get away with what they did. Lets just get this case solved and over with and maybe The chief will reassign us to the bombing case if we get the over with quick enough”
Anya stepped up to the building and open the door as they entered. “Yeah I suppose you're right.” She said. “Let's get this thing over with.”
After flashing their badges to the guards at the door, they were allowed into the lobby area. There was a huge water fountain in the center of the lobby area.
“Hey, look, there goes Barfy and Pooch!” Grover exclaimed pointing at the poster advertising a popular detective show that also aired on the Fluff network.  A rottweiler and a poodle posed nonchalantly over a shiny red car while holding handguns.
“Oh my gosh you actually watch that stupid show?” Any asked.
“Hey.” Grover said. “Have you actually seen the show its really cool, they always get in some kind of cool epic gun fight with explosions each episode!”
“Its dumb.” She said. “If they tried half of the crazy stuff they did on the show in real life, Crankjaw would have have their badges and throw them in jail within five minute! Now c'mon we got to find the security desk want to talk to the guard that was on duty.”
The squirrel attendant at the information desk directed them to the security office that was down the hallway next to the water fountain
they walked to the security office and knock on the door. A large terrier sat at the desk vigorously gnawing at a rubber bone, growling as he chewed. Slobber dripped from his mouth onto the desk. He was so focused on his chew stick that he didn't see Anya and Grover walk in.
“Chewy is that you?” Grover asked.
Startled, Chewy jumped up, banging his head on the back of the wall. He quickly pulled out a switchblade and pointed it at them. “I ALREADY TOLD YOU GOONS I AINT GOT YOUR  MONEY YET!!!”
“Chewy, What the heck are you talking about?!!” Anya said.
“Anya, Grover? Oh umm … sorry” He apologized putting the blade  away. “Though you guys were somebody else, hehehe!”
Anya tried to hide her disgust. She did not like Chewy, especially when it was discovered that he had been secretly sampling small portions of Happy Juice seized in raids throughout Geltempo. It became apparent that something was wrong with him when he drove a squad car of a bridge into the Geltempo Bay thinking he was chasing after a giant Frisbee, nearly drowning the two occupants he had arrested in the backseat. After serving a year in a rehab facility on the outskirts of the city, he got the only job a dog fired from the police force could get, a security guard. Anya had no respect for crooked dogs who exploited their position on the police force for criminal ventures.
“You haven't been on the Happy  Juice again have you?” Anya asked suspiciously.
“Me? Oh no no no noooooo!” Chewy swore. “I'm a changed doggy! I been clean ever since I got out of prison!”
Anya sighed. “Well just keep yourself out of trouble alright?”
“Yeah, yeah!! Sure!”Chewy said nodding his head rapidly.
Anya studied the wall full of monitors on the wall in front of Chewy's desk. The appeared to display footage of security cameras, posted all over the building.
“anyways I here to ask you some questions-”
“I didn't do it, I swear!!!!”
“. . . You didn't do what?”
Chewy nervously drummed his paws on his desk. “Huh? Oh you're not- he he, ummmm . . . That was just a joke, Yeah! Just joking around with ya. ”
Anya thought about pressing to find out what he was hiding but decided she had more pressing matters to ask him about. “Look I just want to know about what you saw on the night of Batty's suicide.”
Chewy let out a breath of relief “Oh that all you wanted? Ha ha! Sure! I can tell you all about that, Let see, I was in charge of watching Batty's dressing room until the show started. I didn't really see much there.”
“So you're saying nothing happened?” Grover asked.
' “Nothing out of the ordinary. I mean Craig Boulder called Batty up to his office right before the show started. Oh yeah and we had a janitor come in to  change the light bulbs.”
“A janitor came in just to change a light bulb?” Anya asked.
“Yeah said that Batty sent him there to change the light bulbs. He said that they were starting to get dim.”
“And that's all you saw?”
“Uh yeah, he he, nothin' else.”
Anya made a mental note of everything Chewy had told them. “Alright well I guess will have to have a look at the stage and the dressing room.” She pointed at Chewy.”You, I'll be watching you! If I find out your back into Happy Juice I won't hesitate in arresting your butt, you understand what I'm saying?”
“Hey, hey, hey! No need to be talking like that to old friends! I've been staying clean” Chewy protested.
“Somehow I doubt that. And don't call me a friend, because we're definitely not friends.” And with that she left the office.
“Geez, You really are in a bad mood today!” Grover remarked as they left the office.
“Sorry but I just can't stand dogs like that. I mean he swore an oath to protect this city! For him to just abuse the power and responsibility he took on like that! That just despicable!”
They made their way back into the lobby and entered the stage area through the double doors in the middle of the lobby. It was a large  area filled with many empty seats which was normally occupied by the studio audience that came to  see thee Good Night Show. On the stage was a bright red easy chair where the guest would sit and a wooden pole which had a horizontal cushion perch attached to it were Batty would hang from. There was a well dressed snapping turtle wearing a black suite and tie. standing on the stage “Gene!!” he shouted. “Where the heck is my lunch??!!”
A tiny gerbil came running out carrying a large carryout container. Anya had to jump out the way as he rushed past her down the aisle. He climbed up to the stage and handed the turtle the container while gasping for breath. “Sorry sir” He stammered. “It was free shrimp cake day at the seafood place today, and the line was really long!”
“Save me your excuses!” The turtle snapped snatching the food from him. “You brought my lunch in five minutes late! Keep messing up like this and I'll see to it that the only job you get is a janitor  at the cockroach plant!”
“I'm sorry sir!” The Gerbil cried. “I'll try to do better next time.”
“Get out of my sight!” He snapped. Gene scurried of the stage. He open his lunch carton and took a large crayfish and crunch down down it, his beak breaking through the shell. He was preparing to take another bite when he saw Anya and Grover walking down the aisle. “Oh hey! You must be the dogs Crankjaw said he'd sending over!”
“Yeah were here to investigate Batty's suicide!” Anya Replied.
“Well its about time. You guys need to wrap this up quick! I've already found a replacement for Batty, the sooner you get this stuff finished the sooner we can start filming the Good Night Show again!”
“And who are you exactly?” She asked him
“Craig Boulder, I own the Fluff network!”
“Oh hey I know who you are!” Grover exclaimed. “Your the guy that ran against Geraldo Spike last mayoral election.”
“Hmmph yeah! I really should have been the one to get elected.” Craig grumbled. “That mush-headed pincushion we got in the mayor's office right now is turning the city into a real dung heap! Don't tell anybody I said this but sometimes I think the creatures in this city don't have any type of common sense!“
“Yeah that's nice,” Anya said quickly before he had a chance to ramble on further. “We really need to get started with our investigation.”
Craig looked annoyed a being interrupted. “Well go ahead. And hurry up about it I'm losing money here. He died over there.” He said motioning to the white tape outline of where Batty's winged body fell on the floor.
Anya and Grover stood over the outline of the body studying it. The floor was still lightly blood stained where Batty's head fell. “Hmm, this is where he shot himself right here on the stage.” Grover remarked.
“Hmm, there ain't nothing to see here.” Anya remarked. “Can we look at his dressing room?”
“Yeah sure thing. It's that way.” Craig said pointing to the left offstage. “Hope you don't mind we got two janitors in there already.”
“What?!” Anya shouted . “I don't remember clearing this area for cleaning! They could be removing crucial evidence!”
“What do you mean you didn't clear it? The raccoon told me that the police department was the one that sent them down there.”
“Waitaminute!” Anya said. “Did you say one of the creatures was a raccoon?”
“Yeah, a raccoon and a cat.”
A raccoon and a cat?” Anya sighed. “Oh geez, why do I have a bad feeling about this.”

They marched towards the dressing room and Anya kicked the door open. “Oh hey Anya, how's it hanging.” Marty Mask greeted her with a smile.  He was there standing next to the dresser with  David. They wear wearing matching blue janitorial jumpsuits.

“What in the name of bacon are you guys doing here!!!”Anya shouted at him.
“What do you think? We're here to mop the floor.” Marty replied.
“Keep acting smart! I can take both of you in right now for interfering with a police investigation!!”

“Woah, settle down willya? I'm here for the same reason you are. To get to the bottom of Batty's suicide.”
“Who even hired you?” Grover asked
“um, sorry but that information is on a need to know basis.”
“Well fine! you can let the official police take care of it from here. Now beat it!” Anya responded
“C'mon Anya,I'm here now, You know I can find out something useful here, what harm is there in letting me have a little look see.”
Anya thought about it. she hated having to admit it but Marty was pretty good at his profession. He most likely wound find out something useful if she let him take a look around.
“Alright you got five minutes. Then you tell me what you know and get out, got it?”
“Five minute huh?” Marty responded. “I guess I can work with that.”  He then proceed to walk over to the trash can in the corner of the room and kick it over onto the floor.  All of the contents scattered out onto the floor. Half eaten food, beverage bottle  and crumpled up ball of paper scattered all over the floor making a complete mess.
“What the heck are you doing, have you completely lost it?!!!” Anya shouted at him.
“I'm investigatin' remember?” Marty said crouching down over the mess he had made. “Now keep it down a notch willya? I'm tryin' to think.” He began to aimlessly paw around in the garbage inspecting bits of paper and food wrappers.  
Anya looked at him, beginning to wonder if if the raccoon had taken a knock to the head or something to make him lose his senses.
“What is it with racoons and going through trash” Grover asked.
“C'mon Grover, don't say things like that.” Anya said “Just let him mess around for five minutes, then I'll have him clean this all up and get out. Lets start our on investigation in the mean time.”
She opened the top left drawer on Batty's desk and found a case of mints,a empty can of blood soda, and a halfway full bag of wingless horseflies.
“What's this?' Grover asked pulling out a white notebook from the middle drawer. “jokes” was scribbled on it in dark marker.
“This looks  like where he keeps his joke material that he uses on the show.” Anya aid opening the book.
“Hmm, a duck and I went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant the other day,” She read aloud. “We ended up ordering more than either of us could afford. So the duck looks at me and ask, 'well how the heck are we going pay for all this?' and I reply, 'Hey, don't ask me, your the one with the bill!'” She paused for a minute to process what she read. “Wow, this guy really was a crummy comedian!” She remarked putting the notebook back down inside the dresser.
    As she returned the notebook her paw brushed up against a small box-like object she picked it up to inspect it. It was an empty cardboard box, “Silly Steven's Prank gun.” It read. “Looks and sounds like a real gun!”. Anya showed the box to Grover. “Now I wonder what he'd be doing with a thing like a fake gun!”  she said aloud.
“Maybe he was planning on using it as a gag on his show.” Grover suggested.
“Hmm possibly” Anya replied. “But what if, what if this was what he was planning on shooting himself with!”
“You mean he was only going to pretend to kill himself?”
“Yeah! Autopsy did find find a few pack of ketchup tied on his head with a string.”
“Pack of ketchup? That's stupid, who would fall for that?”
“I don't think it would have been believable either, but I am now thinking that Batty was only planning on pretending to kill himself tonight! But somehow, he ended up using a real gun for some reason.”
As she pondered he gazed trailed up towards the ceiling. And she caught a glimpse of the light fixture.
“Hmm, that light bulb looks old . . . , Waitaminute.” Anya murmured “Ha! I think I figured it out!!”
“You mean you know that the 'Janitor' that went to change the light bulb had actually swapped out Batty fake gun with a real gun so when Batty thought he was pretending to kill himself, he actually ended up shooting himself with a real bullet? Yeah I've been figured that out already.” Marty said standing up, brushing the garbage off his brown trench coat, totally stealing the word from her mouth.
Anya had to wrestle down the urge to kick the raccoon across the room. “So you mean to tell me that you've been sitting on this information this whole time, but you didn't think to share it with me?!!”
Marty smiled cheekily at her. “Oh I just wanted to see if you could figure it out for yourself and you did, good job.”
Anya took a deep breath in an attempt to control her anger. “And how did you figure this all out?” Anya asked through gritted teeth.
“Oh pretty much the same way you figured it out. I bribed that twitchy security guard to tell me all about what went on the other night so I heard how there was supposed to be a janitor coming in, but that light bulb doesn't looked changed at all so obviously the guy wasn't coming here to change no light bulb. Then I found the box for that fake gun, and it wasn't really that hard to put two and two together after that.”
“And did you find out anything else playing in the trash?”
“Well take a look and see for yourself” Mary motioned down to his feet. Anya and Grover looked down to see many small pieces of what appeared to be a ripped up page of notebook paper. Marty and David had been meticulously separating the paper pieces form the trash and arranging them on the floor attempting to put them in the same position they were in before the notebook page wast ripped to bits. Most of the page had been arranged back together except for a small corner piece. All the words written on the paper even tough being barely legible, could still clearly be seen. Bit of it were complete illegible but they could make out what the message said from looking at the words that could be seen.
Batty Nocturne . . .  fake your own death live . . .  Good Night Show, . . .  to shoot your self with a fake gun . . . .  make it believable, or else! . . . . Attendant will retrieve your “Body” off the stage . . . Change your name . . . Leave the city . . . Never show your face or scent again! . . .  Or I will send Vulch the video!


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